The Düsseldorf Stadttor implements technically challenging solutions in an astonishingly simple manner, focusing on the essential: No lock will ever have to be replaced in the Düsseldorf Stadttor.

Keys have built-in chips and thanks to a reprogramming mechanism, should any be lost, security can be re-implemented in a quick and cost-efficient manner. This safety measure was developed by Kaba Benzing for Swiss Banks.

Electronics - Das Düsseldorfer Stadttor


Ten high-speed elevators with a capacity of 17 persons each and three escalators made by OTIS ensure that the building can be filled and emptied quickly, even during peak times.


In order to do justice to the building’s aesthetic and practical requirements, the majority of lights were newly developed by the industry (Family Hoffmeister) and lighting technicians especially for the Düsseldorf Stadttor.

Special attention was paid to creating a comfortable brightness.

New neon lights, which are energy efficient and have a long life, help the building’s energy usage.

Furthermore, the lights are controlled via the European Installation Bus (EIB) microchip.

This allows the lights to be turned off at night from one center. Light switches and lights can also be programmed flexibly.

This eliminates installation changes when office floor plans change. Of course, the “normal” user can continue to turn all devices on and off using common light switches.

Electronics - Das Düsseldorfer Stadttor

Data and facts

The building and communication technology

  • EI-Bus controlled lighting system
  • Electronic locking system
  • Connection to Isis Multimedia Net GmbH (fiber optics, value-added services for speech, data and multimedia applications, structured IT cabling circuit, video conferences, internet providing)

(Status: 2007)

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