Technology makes the Düsseldorf Stadttor easier, safer and more efficient for its users. Standard air-conditioning – using environmentally damaging FCKW – has been avoided completely. Depending on the outside temperature, the building’s large windows can be opened to allow fresh air in.

Technology - Das Düsseldorfer StadttorDüsseldorf’s mild climate and the high-quality, innovative dual facade mean that the building can have fresh air for the biggest part of the year.

It is only during the more extreme seasons that a ventilation system must be used to ensure comfort.

During the winter months, the Stadttor only needs to be heated on a few, particularly cold days.

For ecological reasons, this is accomplished by using waste heat from a nearby electricity plant. In addition, the heating is aided by heat recovery through the ventilation system.

In the summer months, the outside sunshield ensures that the building is not overheated unnecessarily. The air intake is reduced to a comfortable temperature through adiabatic cooling, which is particularly ecological.

Technology - Das Düsseldorfer StadttorFurthermore, the Düsseldorf Stadttor’s temperature is controlled in a low-cost fashion by using the natural coolness found under the building. Even during the “summer of the century” in 2006, the Düsseldorf Stadttor’s tenants marveled at the cool in-room temperatures.

An intelligent building lives from the intelligence of its technology, however.

In the Düsseldorf Stadttor, more than 14,000 sensors and control points make sure that the building is constantly monitored and that any complications can be dealt with as soon as possible.

This building services management system makes sure that the Stadttor’s different technological components all work together in harmony, proactively supporting each other.

A comprehensive sprinkler system and modern fire detection methods ensure safety in the Düsseldorf Stadttor.

Technology - Das Düsseldorfer StadttorTwo escape stairwells and two fire department elevators complete the fire-safety concept.

Three escalators and eight high-speed elevators aid work in the Stadttor, as well as a computer-controlled lighting system (EIB) and an electronic locking system that meets tenants’ high security standards.

(Status: 2012)

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