Two 16-storey columns support three attic floors, creating a 75-meter-high gate. The gateposts and attic floors form a glassed-in hall, which, at a height of 56 meters, is one of the highest in Europe.

Even during the colder months, the hall makes it possible to eat and relax in an open-air atmosphere. It also offers a location where events can be held.

In total, the Stadttor has approx. 27,000 m² of office space. Each of the east and west column’s 15 floors have an area of approx. 780 m². The three attic floors are approx. 2200 m² in size.

The office floors can be freely segmented -using a high-quality partition wall system- into thirds or combination offices.

An additional storage and archive floor, approx. 1200 m² in size, is also available, as well as the building’s own passageway containing restaurants and shops.

Data and facts

The structure

  • Building height: 80m
  • Height of the atrium: 56m
  • Regular floors: 16
  • Attic floors: 3
  • Glass used: 30.000 m²

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