The Düsseldorf Stadttor was created by Karl-Heinz Petzinka from the international renowned architect’s office Petzinka, Pink und Partner.

Designers - Das Düsseldorfer StadttorKarl-Heinz Petzinka studied architecture at the RWTH Aachen, graduating in 1982 with the academic title “graduate engineer”. After gaining his first experience freelancing in the office of O.M. Unger in Cologne, he worked as an assistant to Prof. W. Döring at the RWTH Aachen.

From 1988, Karl-Heinz Petzinka taught conceptual design at the Polytechnic University Greifswald; he became a professor in the department of conceptual design and building technology at the Technical University Darmstadt in 1994. At the same time, he and Thomas Pink founded the office “Petzinka Pink Architekten”, which has locations in Düsseldorf and Berlin.

Petzinka is known in architect circles as a creative mastermind. Karl-Heinz Petzinka often judges at a variety of national and international competitions, is in great demand for publications and conventions, and is a guest lecturer at various universities.

Project Development/Marketing / Facility Management

The Düsseldorf Stadttor is a project by ENGEL CANESSA Unternehmensgruppe.

Success is based on all-round support

Professionally developing and marketing commercial property is still in its infancy in Germany: Technical and architectural criteria still influence the concepts to a high degree. Marketing and client-oriented parameters are often neglected to be taken into account.

The amount of unrented space, even in top locations, is a sad testament to this. Especially since marketing and client-focus influence a location’s profitability. However, neither construction companies nor architect’s offices give much thought to these aspects. They are not responsible for a building’s rental or upkeep.

In this situation, it is mostly investors and users who pay the price: For them, early harmonization of the building concept, marketing strategies, requirements of use and upkeep are absolutely vital. It is at this point that the building management’s effectiveness will decide the long-term attractiveness of commercial property.

In general, the cost of this during the first twenty years can be estimated to be as high as the cost of construction. For the Düsseldorf Stadttor, an interweaving of these central factors was part of the concept from the beginning. Engel Canessa Unternehmensgruppe has been representing the investors for over twenty years in dealing with all processes related to the building.

The market and the tenants set the pace

The company puts its forty-plus years of experience to good use as a planner, developer and operator of high-value commercial property. The specialists from Düsseldorf have been dealing with projects for longer than any other company. The consequently focus their work marketing criteria:

Going above and beyond technical perfection and aesthetic characteristics, the criteria for first-time rentals are defined by market standards and the renters’ requirements. After all, long-term complete occupancy is the aim of every building concept.

As such, the development and implementation of a specific financing plan is one of the first tasks to be fulfilled. Additionally, project support includes selecting and opening up the plot of land, creating and implementing an overall concept, and supervising all construction work. During all of this, it is important to coordinate and fulfill the tenants’ wishes.

Efficient planning, building and marketing are only half of the task, however. Attractiveness on the market and as such, having above average profitability, is only guaranteed when completion is supported with the same effort. That is why a professional facility company must be included in the planning from the very beginning. This must be supplemented through control based on modern reporting mechanisms.

Specialist for every task

Designers - Das Düsseldorfer StadttorThis is why ENGEL CANESSA Unternehmensgruppe becomes an extension of the building owner and investors.

To meet these requirements, two separate companies work under one roof, specializing in the following:

The Engel Canessa Property Management takes over planning, development and implementation and in finished properties, the professional care of the building.

The Engel Canessa Real Estate Consulting is responsible for the marketing and leasing of the property.

Further information on the “ENGEL CANESSA Unternehmensgruppe” can be found here.

(Status: 2012)

Designers - Das Düsseldorfer Stadttor

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